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A quarter of Spotify users now use podcasts there too

"25% of the 345m monthly active Spotify users now use the app to listen to podcasts, up from 22% the previous quarter."

Spotift has become THE destination for music and podcast lovers (previously Apple podcasts) and over 1/4 of Spotify users listen to podcasts weekly. 25% of the 345m monthly active Spotify users now use the app to listen to podcasts, up from 22% the previous quarter. Speaking on the company’s Q4 2020 earnings call, Daniel Ek said he’s “reasonably confident” that he can see benefits in user growth and retention from podcasts. It’s reported that podcasts were mentioned 47 times in the earnings call.

Ek hinted that Spotify may be able to allow podcasters to monetise their shows on the platform through a set of new business models. “I hope to be able to talk a little bit more about what our plans are in the near future on that.”


Spotify says it has 2.2m podcasts in the system (Apple has 1.8m). The company also denied that the increase in podcast use would result in a lower payout to record companies.

In Denmark, 27% of adults (15+) listen to podcasts every week. That is 3 percentage points up from last year, according to new data from DR. Spotify is the market leader in the country. There’s a full interview with the researchers in the Podland News podcast later today.

Acast’s programmatic ad sales revenue grew 215% in 2020, the company has announced.

ESPN got 500m downloads in 2020, a yearly increase of 28%.

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