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Connecting you to London's most popular engaging funniest Podcasters

We pride ourselves on being one of London's main provider of live podcast events with recognised podcasters and influencers gracing our stages. 

Our story started in 2017 when our founding director noticed that podcasts were attracting a huge fan base...the only thing missing was a face to face interaction between the podcaster and the listeners. And viola! BBE was born. 

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"Last night was dope. The best podcast live show I've been to hands down."


past podcasters

Our live podcast events feature some of London’s hottest podcasts and influencers. Take a look at our catalogue of previous event guests.

90s Baby Show Podcast
Two Twos Podcast
Off the Cuff Podcast


Kelechi Okafor

Hemah K

7 step guide on how to create a podcast

podcast guides

2020 expanded the range of podcasts available and with over 20million people tuning in weekly, we have created a 7 step guide which will help you become a podcaster.

2minute read

This simple guide compresses everything you need to know about starting or revamping a podcast. It covers everything from what is needed to turn that idea into a podcast. 

We cover all aspects of podcast creation from artwork, structure, editing, where to record, equipment and so much more!

It's super easy creating a podcast using our guides!

Starting a Podcast

You'll need an idea, artwork, RSS feed and consistency.

RSS Feed

Generate your RSS Feed to make sure your listeners receive notifications when you drop new episodes.

The Idea

How to turn your idea into a podcast.


Time to push your audio content to your listeners wherever they are.


Now you have the idea, how will you structure your podcast?


Learn how to promote your podcast via our 1 to 1 consultancy sessions.


You have the idea and structure sorted. How will you edit your podcast?

Studios in London

Find some great and affordable studios to record your podcast.

create, grow or monetise your podcast


Book a free 15minute consultation for 1-to-1 support on how to create your podcast and grow your fan base. 

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