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How To Make Money Podcasting

Assuming you have read our podcast guides you should know how to create a podcast from start to finish. Our guides featured expert tips on how to turn your idea into a podcast, structure, edit, distribute and promote your podcast
In this guide, we’ll cover secret tips on how to monetise your podcast. And no, you don’t have to be an ‘influencer’ to make money from your podcast.

Usually majority of people start thinking about monetising their podcast much later on but this should be something you think about when creating your podcast. None the less, this guide this will offer some tips on how you can make money from your podcast regardless of how long you’ve been podcasting. 

Podcast Monetisation Strategies

A successful podcasting monetisation strategy involves consistency, and serious resilience.

It’s great to have a goal of making money from your podcast, but you have to be realistic with yourself. If you don’t create a strong demand, even the best monetisation strategies won’t yield the results you expect. It doesn’t mean the strategies won’t work in the end (playing the long game works), rather, set realistic and achievable goals. 

Successful monetisation is determined by your podcast analytics. The higher your listernership, the more money you make due to the fanbase you have accumulated.

Below are tips of how to make money from podcasting:

  • Create a video podcast to upload on Youtube – Whether you record your podcast from the comfort of your home or a studio, we recommend that you record footage when you’re recording your podcast and post it on Youtube. Don’t forget that some people like watching videos so a video podcast would allow you to attract new listenership while earning you money on the side.
  • Sell physical or digital products – When an audience loves a podcast, they might be buying merchandise you sell. You could sell T-shirts, mugs, stickers, art digital products etc. Encourage people to leave feedback and shout them out on new episodes or tag them in your social media posts when they’ve made a purchase. 

    Instantly, a bond is formed which helps maintain a loyal listernership.

  • Become a host or speaker – People have a perception that public speaking is daunting but if you are a podcaster, you are practically a public speaker. Public speaking or hosting should be a simple transition for a lot of podcast hosts with some coaching. If you’re comfortable speaking on your show, you’ll probably do well in front of a crowd. Admittedly, standing in front of a bunch of people is a unique challenge, but it’s less of a problem if you already know how to craft a script. You can also consider hosting shows on Instagram live if you’re not ready for hitting the stage. 

  • Sell an e-book or online course – Believe it or not, people love reading as much as they do listening to podcasts. So if you have a valuable lesson or tips to offer in relation to your podcast content, create an e-book or online course for your listeners.


Experiment With Multiple Monetisation Techniques

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Just like podcast promotion there is no 1 answer on how to make money from your podcast because there are plenty of methods to monetise a podcast. 

Finding the right podcast monetising mix requires testing a few different strategies and the trick, however, is to monetise your podcast in a way that doesn’t disappoint your listeners and compliments your content in a meaningful manner. This means finding the monetisation technique(s) that your listeners don’t find intrusive or ‘off brand’. In many cases, that means using a little bit of several techniques, rather than pushing one method too hard.

Hopefully, that’s given you plenty ideas and tips for drawing up your own audience growth plan.

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