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Vogue launches a new podcast – In Vogue: The 1990s

"In Vogue: The 1990s’ examines a pivotal decade and its lasting influence on fashion and culture."

Today, Vogue announced the launch of its new podcast, In Vogue: The 1990s. The inaugural episode, now available across all podcast streaming platforms, explores the rise of the iconic 90’s supermodel.


The story of a pivotal decade, ‘In Vogue: The 1990s’ is an audio docuseries that reflects on key moments in 90’s culture through the lens of fashion. From slip dresses with army boots to colorful tracksuits and minimal pantsuits, Vogue editors will highlight the stories in fashion history that reflected this new era of connectivity. For the first time, trends rapidly spread across the globe, subcultures were adopted as mainstream, and mass marketing turned brand visionaries into celebrity designers. Nothing was off-limits, everything blended together, and fashion reflected this new normal.

Presented by Anna Wintour, Editor-in-Chief of Vogue, and hosted by Hamish Bowles, International Editor at Large, the podcast features the people who made the 1990s so magical. Guests include curators, stylists, and history-making designers such as Miuccia Prada, Marc Jacobs, and Tom Ford, as well as actors and performers, such as Debra Messing, Thirstin Howl III, Raven-Symoné, and Sandra Bernhard.

In the first episode, Bowles recalls the very moment that the zeitgeist changed: specifically March 7, 1991, during Gianni Versace’s Freedom ’90 show in Milan, when Linda Evangelista, Christy Turlington, Naomi Campbell, and Cindy Crawford linked arms and walked down the runway lip-synching to George Michael’s famous song, as they had done in the video for the mega hit.


It was kind of like this electric jolt had charged through the room,” says Bowles who remembers realizing that he was “at the epicenter of a world where everything was changing,” and that it was a group of women known as the supermodels who were “a symbol and even a vehicle of that change.”

Joining Vogue’s editorial team in Episode 1: The Rise of the Supermodels are Victoria Beckham, Garren, Tonne Goodman, and Camilla Nickerson.

‘In Vogue: The 1990s’ examines a pivotal decade and its lasting influence on fashion and culture. As part of an initiative focusing on reaching a nostalgic adult audience, LEGO is a launch sponsor of ‘In Vogue: The 1990s’ podcast.

In Vogue: The 1990s’ airs on Thursdays from September 17. Listen to it on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts.

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