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What is the Buy Black Friday Exhibition? The Buy Black Friday Exhibition is the first of it’s kind here at BBE with the aim of supporting Black British entrepreneurial talent across all sectors: from clothing, art, jewellery, beauty, home décor, food & drinks to mention but afew. The exhibition is due to be an annual affair every November as we aim to revamp the meaning of Black Friday to supporting Black British business owners and recycling the Black pound during Black Friday sales.

A massive thanks to our speakers Mabin: founder of Clamp Agency, Alison founder of discussing Black solidarity and the importance of the Black coin & Kae host on Pennies to Pounds podcast giving us finance tips for gracing is with their knowledge & presence. Below are the topics they discussed:

Mabin –  Founder of Clamp Agency 

‘How to market your brand’

Mabin led her session touching on the importance of branding and marketing with practical (and free) tips on how to improve social media management, marketing & engagement. Watch below,


Alison –  Founder of 

‘The importance of the Black coin and Black solidarity’

Founder of Alison Awoyera led a talk on Black Solidarity what it means, lessons we can learn from the past and building a UK Black Wall Street.

Kae –  Host on #Penniestopoundspod 

‘Finance tips’

Host of #PenniestoPoundspodcast Kae led a session giving tips on how to manage your finances whilst running a business. Topics included savings accounts, ISAs and expenditure vs profits. Watch it below.



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