How to Start A Podcast

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A little planning before you launch can be the difference between a show that has no listeners and one that is on track to have a rabid fanbase. Let’s get down to the details of what you need to know before you press record: how to start a podcast.

You shouldn’t simply dive into podcasting without thinking about a few important things ahead of time. After all, even if it will be only a hobby for you at first, odds are you want your show to have the best chance of being successful.

To start a podcast, at a bare minimum, you need to:

  1. Come up with a concept (a topic, name, format, and target length for each episode). 
  2. Design artwork and write a description to “brand” your podcast.
  3. Record and edit your audio files (such as MP3s). A microphone is recommended.
  4. Find a place to host your files (such as a file host that specializes in podcasts, like Anchor, Libsyn or Podbean).
  5. Syndicate these audio files into an RSS feed so they can be distributed through Apple Podcasts and downloaded or streamed on any device on-demand.

Remember that the more effort you put into your show, the more you will get out of it. Record and load more episodes, promote them, schedule more interviews, record and promote as much as you can. 

Your show has the potential to be a raging success, and we’ll be here to help you along the way. From here, your next steps are to keep learning and working on developing and growing your podcast using our easy to follow podcast guides. Learn how to structure, edit and distribute your podcast.

But first, let us help you turn your idea into a podcast.



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