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The Founders of Gotham Podcast Studio unveil a new Community Focused Hosting Company: Tandem Podcasting

"When you podcast with Tandem, you podcast together!"

The founders of Gotham Podcast Studio in New York City have created a new company – Tandem Podcasting. Mike, Matt and Brianna have spent the last three years in NYC building a community of podcasters that have been integral to the development of Tandem.

A key feature of Tandem Podcasting includes transferring that community feel to integrate with a hosting company. Tandem Member Profiles and a Live Member Chat service on Tandem Podcasting allow for collaboration between podcasters and lays the groundwork for a brand/advertiser marketplace coming soon. Additional features include, historical analytics, embedded player, customizable dashboard and more coming soon!


Gotham Podcast Studio has been trusted by companies such as Wondery, Dear Media, Luminary, Netflix, Loud Speakers Network, Black Effect Podcast Network, Refinery 29 and thousands of other independent podcasters. The team at Tandem is taking the same passion for podcasting that they have at the studio and building a podcast hosting company that you will be excited to join.

Podcast hosting services are included with all Gotham Podcast Studio membership plans. If you aren’t in the NYC area and can’t record with Gotham in person you can still sign up for a membership and do a Virtual Recording session and experience the same benefits as in the studio. Virtual sessions are moderated by a Gotham audio engineer, polished and delivered within 24 hours. So you can be a Gotham member anywhere and get Tandem Podcasting services at no cost, or simply just host your podcast with us!

Tandem pricing plans are $20 a month or if you pay the annual rate it is equivalent to $16 a month.

When you podcast with Tandem, you podcast together!

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